Need Packing and Moving Boxes to Store Your Goods in Perth?

Packing-materials-photo1When you need packing supplies and moving boxes in Perth, all you need to do is give us a call at Canning Vale Storage Units.

We have everything you need for packing all your belongings and moving them. Not all possessions can fit in the same box, which is why we have different products that can ensure a smoother transition from one place to another.


We have archive filing boxes available for all documents and other office supplies that need to be packed. Fragile items deserve some extra care during transport, for which we have book and wine boxes. We also have tea chest boxes for other items.

Port-a-robe Boxes

With our Port-A-Robe boxes, folding coats is no longer necessary. It’s easier to transport clothes with this box due to its built-in rack and rail that keep your outfits neat even after the move.

Mattress Covers

Protect your bed with our mattress covers. You can sleep better after the move when you know your bed is clean even after that long drive.

Bubble Wrap

Electronics, china, breakables – all these things need extra protection while on the road. We provide bubble wrap to help keep these fragile items safe.

Butcher Paper

We offer butcher paper to help move china and glass items securely.

Packing Tape

Seal boxes with our packing tape so you don’t have to worry about broken items.


You can secure your possessions with the padlocks we sell.

We are dedicated to providing comprehensive self storage solutions. This is why we also offer packing supplies apart from self storage to help you make the move in the most efficient manner possible. Contact us for enquiries or bookings.