Prosthetic Nose & Box With a Single Egg Among Weirdest Storage Unit Discoveries


Ever left something behind in a storage unit? Easily done. Some things are just easy to forget.
Every year we have roughly 2% of our units left completely abandoned, as well as a lot of customers who leave, sometimes unintentionally, belongings behind when they move out. Over the years employees of storage units have found an abundance of things, some more mundane than others.

The following things, however, are a little more difficult to forget. We asked storage unit staff to list the top three weirdest things they’ve seen left behind and well, some of the items were on the odd-side, to say the least.

Here are the top 20 strangest things left behind in storage units:

  1. A taxidermy cat wearing a necktie
  2. 14 fancy-dress pig costumes (all size XL)
  3. 1,771 empty wine bottles
  4. Two one-litre jars of sand
  5. A matchbox filled with cigarette butts
  6. A prosthetic nose
  7. A plaster cast duck foot
  8. A box with a single egg
  9. A phallic table-lamp
  10. A bag of teeth (species unidentified)
  11. A bag of short hair clippings
  12. A signed photo of Dame Edna Everage
  13. Pages of an erotic Star Wars fan-fiction
  14. A cardboard cut-out of Mike Tyson
  15. A notebook full of doodles of Bart Simpson
  16. A rabbit’s foot on a keychain
  17. A single banana skin
  18. Crocheted Freddy Krueger toy
  19. One paint-dipped shoe
  20. Mismatched jigsaw puzzle pieces thrown across the floor

Items were all discovered when abandoned storage units were sorted and cleaned ready for use by the next set of customers. Staff at the storage facilities try to ensure that items left that are of high monetary or seemingly sentimental value are reunited with their owners before subsequent action is taken.

Stephen Dane of Canning Vale Storage Units, said,

“I think it’s really interesting to see what gets left behind in units. You’d expect some things to be on the weird side, especially when you think about the thousands of people that use units for all sorts of different reasons, but some of these items are really at the end of the scale.

“They say you can tell a lot about a person by the items that they buy but honestly, I think a lot of these people would have me baffled!”